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Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday and no work...

So it's Friday and I've got a case of the "what to do?". Originally I was planning to have lunch with my good friend Philip, but he's had pressing business come up. What to do, what to do? Well I started simple, I'm charging the camcorder batteries. Got a few ideas to film up, and with dead batteries it's too easy to push them to the back burner. Decided to take the day off yesterday and the boss found the idea not against any plans we had at work, so here i am... Perhaps I should get that 2 meter installed in the jeep. Heck I don't know. Had a good one this time last week. Ended up doing the front wheel bearings on Kiddo's THING. Since she's got front disk brakes (thanks previous owner!) it was a snap. Only trick was pressing out the old bearing races and pressing in the new ones. Thank goodness I have access to a The front left had started to come apart. The races and the bearings were a mix between French, German and Chinese, so no wonder there were problems. Everything's all better now though, 4 hours, a few lucky breaks like the parts store having what we needed, and we're all done. Kiddo seems happy with the improvement and I'm just patting myself on the back that I did the whole deal in one afternoon/evening. (Normally VW projects are several days thanks to parts collecion/ordering/waiting, but not this time. I'm thinking I should look into getting Pepe's (MY THING) bearings out of the way, but heck, I've got a case of the blahs today... I think I'll go play GTA for a bit to help me decide.
-Rob "blah, blah, blah" D.



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