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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Weekly Update

So things with the second (Or should I say third?) job are going pretty good. But I'm finding my time's getting to be a pretty precious commodity. Not that I'm overly stuck on myself to have thought it was so valuable before, it's actually getting hard to get some things done now. Take for example mowing the lawn: I'm actually thinking about paying the neighborhood kid mowing company to do it! (Kids that mow lawns, not a company that mows kids, but thinking about it, that would be something, wouldn't it?) Okay, so I'm getting a little less sleep lately

I am getting to see a lot of my beautiful city though... and I'm really getting into adding to what I already thought I knew. Sometimes I knew wrong, but the wisdom of being an adult is checking ones facts isn't it? So I plod on like Jake (inside joke) rather than at a gallop. I'm starting to see some really interesting patterns in our history. No, it's not the City Hall Clock from "Back to the Future" but it is some pretty neat stuff. I guess the fact that I'm entertained by it all should be enough, someday I'll bore you all with it. I promise.

Hey, Speaking of City Hall Clocks...

There you go. Savannah City Hall on Bay St. at Bull.
-Rob "Follow and let me be your guide" D.



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