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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Southern Motors does it right.

So the first month with the Honda FIT is pretty much a day away. And here is what we know: We love it. City mileage is running 30mpg with Shell regular gas. The A/C is great and the drive is smooth and quiet. The car has great pick-up and you really don't feel like you're driving a compact. It was a wonderful choice. Now for the after action on Southern Motors of Savannah: They did exactly what they said they would. They installed the Keyless Remote and security system a few days after we took delivery and even had us in a loaner Civic while our new baby was getting wired up. (Don't get me started on the Civic, it was a sweet machine.)
Southern Motors is good people.
I got a letter in the mail letting me know our tag was in, went by & picked it up. No hassle and when I mentioned I'd missed the new car seminar the receptionist told me they'd call me for the next one. I hope so, I think I need to know any of the tricks I've missed so far. Made one addition already. I've added splash guards. There's a dealership with an online presence selling Honda parts at very good prices... I ordered the guards and installed them myself in 30 minutes. Some turtle wax and a screwdriver and now the mud doesn't meet the paint. I could get used to that.
So good job Southern Motors, you did right by us. I look forward to service visits that match the caliber of business we've done so far.
-Rob 'that FITs' D.



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