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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Missed your email for a bit?

So I was looking at one of my AOL email accounts... You know, one I get a lot of yahoo groups stuff sent to. Hadn't read it in about 5-6 days. So I had a pile of mail to sort thru. 440 pieces to be exact. Man, you know it's nice to speed read from time to time. Well, I might have missed a great deal by not reading... Around about a week ago, my school was clearancing some wings, something like a $2750 wing for $1850. So very late I shot off an email, I really hope I'm not too late. I probably am though. I'm hoping to get a tandem that's just like my current wing size wise, just reinforced for heavier loads. Man I hope I didn't miss the boat on this one. Please, please, please, what colors ya'll got while you're at it?
I'll know tommorrow. A guy can always use an extra wing, right?
-Rob "busy-busy, just hope I'm in time" D.


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