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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Been a good weekend so far...

Note: Content edited for the masses.

Well it's been a good weekend so far. Haven't had to shoo anyone Been getting some pictures together to go and print up for a friend and played with this one a bit too while I was editing them, so I thought I'd share. Had a little time on my hands. Have to get ready to go soon though, moonlight bowling to get ready for. Is it Saturday already? Of course, moonlight bowling's tonight and I'm "Mr. Moonlight". I like doing that. I get to be MC for two hours and give away free games. I scored a bunch of Pepsi keychains today so tonight's going to involve 63 free keychains given away. Nice since the center changed a few months ago to Pepsi products from Coke. I still love Coke, especially with all the flavors, but I do like to "Do the Dew" every so often too. Especially with the $0.25 Pepsi machine at work. Be safe ya'll, more rambling soon.
This one did ramble a bit did't it?
-Rob "Mr.Moonlight" D.


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