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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Near Miss at the PPG Convention

>Near Miss Video Link

Great video on day two. A trike made a take-off run that went pretty close to the safety officers tent. funny thing is, everyone there was across the safety line on the flying field, so it's not really like the pilot was at fault. The pilot didn't make the launch, by the way. It was entertaining though as I watched from the camping area. Cool points to the Into-the-Wind crew for sharing the footage. They were filming a segment at the time for an upcoming film. Watch the moment everyone, even background folks move and then scatter, too bad the cameraman walked away instead of side stepping. The animated fellow in the middle is Jeff Goin, USPPA's president and pretty interesting guy. Notice at one point he rushes to the trike after casually walking back towards the interview point, wonder what that was about, wing or lines on a hot engine component? That kinda stuff can cost money quick, I know I appreciate when someone's seeing something that saves me equipment damage or injury.
-Robert "hate when that happens" D.

P.S. Looking at the video in fullscreen I noticed a few things and the best was I made my way into it! After they get it all back together and continue filming, in the laft side of the frame, in the background, a guy in a red top goes out onto the field pulling his red wagon and motor, wing on his back, trailing a streamer pole behind it all, gentle readers, that guy is ME. I so love it.


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