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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Catching up...

Well it's been a week for sure. Last weekend Zippy had fuel issues and after a laundry list of little replacements, he ended up staying the week here. Empty the fuel tank and get crud out of it, put in new (clean) fuel, replace some fuel line, change the old fuel filter to a new fuel filter, oh, and put in a new fuel pump. Total cost, somewhere less than $40 including the gas. I love the older cars having reasonbly priced parts. I really love that they're simple enough to work on myself. Now to see what this week brings. If nothing else kiddo has gotten really good at dealing with the hickups as they came along. Pretty soon there won't be too much left to change, we'll be fresh out of old stuff to break. I'm most assuredly going to be keeping my eyes out for a new top. I stitched a little on the old one today and it's a real effort getting everything just right. I need a good leather worker to get thru all the layers that went into sewing that top together. I'm not so hot sewing by hand, but I improved a lot in the hour or two I spent with it today. Time will tell.



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