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Monday, February 25, 2008

A hitch with the Vanagon

So I was looking for a trailer hitch to put on the Vanagon. I found it. Everything available ran the gambit from removing the bumper and bolting a custom made (possibly by me or a local machine shop) to the frame to replacing the bumper with one that had a receiver built into it to smaller mfg jobs that attach to the tow hooks. well I found a lighter duty one that attaches to the tow hooks and is built by a larger manufacturer. Curt Manufacturing Inc. had just the ticket at a price a little over $150 shipped. I wasn't expecting a lot, but what showed up today (less than a week later) is really a quality product. With a crossbar that is angled with a slight V to clear the exhaust system, it's clear the designers put some thought into what they were making. I had found more than a few hitches that stated very clearly that they wouldn't fit aircooleds. Well this one does. Welds on the hitch are clean and the paint is first rate. Installation was less than 15 minutes including opening the box and reading the instructions. All that is left is getting a ball and putting it on. Good product, good price, and fast shipping. Three things I really like when I'm doing business.
Rob 'I've got the hook up' D.



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