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Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Gentex 411


So there's a new helmet in town, and it's got "me" written all over it.
Yes gang, I have aquired the elusive Gentex 411. Looks like Canada is finally releasing them in larger sizes... And I'm loving it. Basicly this critter is a slim profile brain bucket with a simple single visor. It has no coms, but that's perfect for me to use as I just run the little wiring for the occasional use of the Garmin Rino 120 (radio/GPS)...
I've already made a hillbilly copy of this one by modifying a tank (Gentex CVC) helmet (with the addition of a visor from a helicopter helmet), but this one's the real deal. Now to just "new" it up a bit and add some artwork. Ought to be fun.
By the way, sorry I've been off the blog a bit lately, things have been busy.
More on that soon.
-Rob "411 me baby!" D.


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