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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

BBC NEWS | Technology | E-mail delivery 'tax' criticised

BBC NEWS | Technology | E-mail delivery 'tax' criticised: "E-mail delivery 'tax' criticised

Protests about the plan have come from many non-profit groups
Plans to charge to deliver e-mail have come under fire from non-profit groups who said it could cripple fundraising.
Net giant AOL is introducing the charges to stop spammers as those who pay will bypass junk mail filters.
More than fifty groups including Oxfam America, Gun Owners of America and the AFL-CIO trade union have banded together to condemn the charging plan.
In a concession to the groups, AOL has said non-profit organisations will be exempt from the charges. "
Glad to see this one didn't go un-noticed.
Leave it to the Brits to talk taxes with us...
-Rob "tea party" D.


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