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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yahoo, AOL Consider Fee For Some E-Mail Access - Technology - Yahoo, AOL Consider Fee For Some E-Mail: "Yahoo, AOL Consider Fee For Some E-Mail
POSTED: 6:59 am MST February 6, 2006
SAN FRANCISCO -- Two of the biggest e-mail account providers are betting that legitimate businesses would be willing to pay to give them access to people -- without having to go through spam filters.
Yahoo and America Online said they plan to introduce a service that would charge senders a fee to send their mail directly to a user's mailbox -- bypassing junk-mail filters.
The fees would range from a quarter-cent to 1 cent per e-mail sent.
And the offer is the latest attempt by Internet Service Providers to weed out spam as well as e-mails claiming to be from people trying to pull off identity-theft scams.
In exchange for payment, e-mail senders can be guaranteed that their messages won't be filtered -- and will show up at inboxes with a seal alerting recipients they're legitimate."

Thank goodness, now those darn spammers will have to pay the man (read this, bribe) to get him off their collective backs. And me and my nice safe aol address is now available to the highesy bidders, AGAIN.
Well hey, last time it was stolen by an employee, this time it's by the CEO. I feel better already.


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