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Monday, February 20, 2006

PC Pro: News: Google preps privacy defences

PC Pro: News: Google preps privacy defences: "Monday 20th February 2006

Google preps privacy defences 10:13AM
Google is preparing a robust defence of its refusal to give the US Department of Justice (DoJ) access to its search logs. The company has now published its response (PDF) to the DoJ's subpoena. The document suggests that the government request is not only unnecessary but would also damage Google's business. "

Hmmmm, would damage google's business, just like not censoring their product in China would do right? Funny, I bet they're roll over like a puppy if the Chinese decide in a year they want to know who's searching what in the PRC. Of course I have mixed feelings on this as I value privacy and our civil rights as much as the next blogger, I know I don't like the idea of 1984 coming to life. Even if it is already. But hey, I can't even get my frickin doctor's office to mail me anything about my own health without coming in and signing a release, so what do I know?
-Rob "minority report" D.


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