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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another Day, Another Dollar...

Picked up the DVD "The Ladykillers" with Tom Hanks, recently. Highly recommend it, funny. I'd never seen Hanks as a villian before, refreshing. It's available at the ValkingDVDLoanOutPlan, just let me Well a few days back kiddo and I are at Media Play (which is going out of business) and looking at soundtrack cds. Kiddo finds "the Ladykillers" and points it out to me (I asked her to keep an eye open for any CD's of the DVD's we have and she did. So we get it, lots of great gospel music as well as some mix/rap... another day, another dollar is one of the songs in there, seems appropriate today. Had a good day at work, word's getting around that I'm short in the MFG area. Folks are coming around curious about it. I'm feeling complimented by everyone's reactions. No word yet on if my line opposite Chris is really quitting or not. Oh remember a long time back I posted about the push-ups blog? Okay, I did five push ups today.


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