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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My Best Friend, Jim MacBeau.

I was going thru some old pictures today and found some old ones from the 80's. I'm thinking something like 19 years ago, 1986 just after graduating high school. Jim had joined the Army and was as they call 'em today, a force of one. Even now I'm impressed with Jim, he's still a guy that's facing what life's throwing at him and making it. I can't help but see how young we look in those pictures, how ready. Course now with near twenty years experience under the belt, I can say we're never ready. Getting old sucks, good thing I'm a toys-r-us kid, I'd really hate it if we did ever actually age. Of course I think now it really is time to diet and get in better shape. Here's to you Jim, the coolest best friend a guy could have.


At 4:24 PM, Blogger Macbeau said...

Thanks Bro - for the plug and the kind words. BTW - I stole the pic to post on my site, but since it is of me... :-)


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