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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The week in review

So Thursday we ended up taking Zippy to the very good local Volkswagen guy - Eric at Auto Works. After hearing the problems we've dealt with he made the call, valve adjustment. Zippy would need to cool down and it wouldn't be too long a job. So we left him overnight. Friday I got kiddo and we went by Auto Works to end up catching the job in progress. Man was it not the day to have left the camera at home. Please see the sad 1.3 mega pixel from the cellphone. Sad, just by the quality. Kiddo was honestly amazed, perhaps worried at first, and I was impressed. Zippy's back end was something like four feet in the air. Man do I need a BIG floor jack like that. While the work was being done I asked Eric if Kiddo and I could wander around a bit and he was fine with it. Aside from being a great mechanic, Eric really is a VW enthusiast, so looking around his yard is sort of like Volkswagen heaven from time to time. There were Bugs, Ghias, a watercooled or two, a Bus, a Vanagon and some other European makes as well as an American machine or two. Kiddo had fun as we talked about this car or that, checked rims out, or accessories and saw treasures from years gone by, again, not the day to have forgotten the camera.So back out front Zippy's valves were clean and adjusted, everything going back together and Eric decided to change the oil. I let him know it was only two weeks old, but I'm also the type of guy that trusts when Eric wants to get new stuff in, there's a reason. Besides, Zippy was certain to empty out better raised up like he was than he did two weeks ago for me. What's 2.5 quarts of oil in the long run? Good insurance, that's what it is. Fresh oiled and back down we talked about the leak from Zip's intake boot and Eric let me know it was just too much fuel pressure from the new fuel pump. He suggested I just add a few gaskets (2-3) under the pump (that's how you regulate it) and it ought to be a non-issue. That's what I really like about Eric, he'll tell you straight out what a problem is and isn't threatened that a minor-shade tree enthusiast mechanic fixes it himself. He knows I'll come for the real work when I'm over my head. Good thing is, I'm pretty clear where over my head is. If it involves pulling an engine and opening it up, it's his. If it's part swapping minor stuff (see everything I've mentioned doing in the past couple of weeks), I'm on it. Besides, if it's broke, I can only break it so much more, right? If I fix it, I learned and grew from the experience, if I don't there's a lifeline. I'm glad too, walking a tightrope without a net isn't always fun. Who doesn't like a little fudge room every now and then? So the weekend was good with Kiddo busy as all get out, We went by the barn (local carriage tour company), and Saturday night did Moon-light bowling at AMF Victory lanes. Today was mowing and abit around the house. Tomorrow, back to the grind. Here's to weekends, they never seem to get here fast enough, nor last long enough when they do.
-Rob 'weekender' D.



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