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Sunday, August 26, 2007

How to get your car/vehicle in gear

Well the long and short of it is pretty simple, have an idea of what you want. When I found ‘Friday’ my idea was pretty simple. I wanted a vehicle that could haul my flying gear. Since I was replacing the old Dodge van (hereafter to be referred to as the BA14-mobile as I painted a giant BA14 on the roof while repairing rust with POR-15), a van made perfect sense. Never mind the fact that the previous owner already had removed and/or lost the middle bench seat and it was already configured like the BA14-mobile. Never mind that it was once orange and had been painted white, like my VW THING or any number of other little things that make me certain that this Vanagon was meant to be mine. Friday was what I wanted. But then when I started looking on E-Bay I found someone selling roof bars that would fit her. Thule roof bars. At a great price, they came and are now on her. I can haul a 4x8 sheet of plywood in style now (or a couple). I’m set. Or am I? A set of Thule roof bars begs the question; What can I add now? Now that I brush the low hanging oak limbs in my yard that is. Two things; Cut the oak, then add something to make it better the rack better. A roof basket, well that’s logical. A Safari basket, even cooler. Speaking of cooler, I’ll be able to add one with the camp chairs if I have a basket on top. Height? Pretty darn high. Solution, mount it all forward so the natural shape of the VW’s door/seat arrangement makes a natural step. You’re basically sitting over the front wheels, they sell steps that hook on vehicle wheels for loading and unloading… no need for a step or ladder. I like. I like. So where do you find a basket reasonable? E-bay right? Well, yes and no. Waiting might pay off, but I’m hedging my bets looking in the junkyards. Problem is this. Here in my town we have probably only one junk yard that still lets you walk around looking for what you want/need. All the others pretty much computerized what they have and then list off parts from the junk vehicle. But what year and model is my Safari rack from a wrecked Jeep or Suburban sitting on? “Well we really don’t list accessory items,” the lady at one yard told me. But I can see the thing on that coppery crumpled SUV over there, how do I get to it? There really doesn’t seem to be an answer to that. Besides, do you want to pick something from 50yds away or do you want to put your grubby little paws on it when you’re thinking about throwing down some hard earned cash? I need to see it up close. The lady let me know it’s slower on the weekends; perhaps one of the yard guys could help me out then. Yes, I’m planning to try and take a look tomorrow. This thing looks big, perhaps I should take some binoculars.

So it's Sunday Morning now and I went out yesterday looking for that elusive rack. A few things. I took a spotting monocular and that rack might not be a rack. I went into the Junk yard place at something like ten 'till noon. Bad call, they close at noon. Something to keep in mind if a salesperson says 'noon' in a conversation, don't assume that they mean they open at noon. Also, never take 'not too busy' to mean that. Instead, 'not too busy' hereafter shall mean 'packed like a bordertown Texas greyhound station' and you know where it went from there. I didn't discuss rack, baskets, or gear with anyone. I left. This is a job for another day.
Well at least Moonlight bowling went well last night.



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