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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Last Weekend

Over the river

And by the woods

To grandmother's house we go...

Well It’s Tuesday (okay Wednesday) and I’m still jazzed. I am completely beside myself with how good a weekend wrapped up two (three) days ago.

Once again, I got the call. “Because I Got High” by Afroman on my cellphone and I knew a fellow pilot was calling, and so were the skies. Ends up Brewster was coming into town for the weekend, did I want to get some flying in? Does the Pope wear a funny hat? Does a Bear…Or is that does the Pope… in the woods? Well the answer was emphatically yes. Yes I did, and thus the die was set for the weekend. Mind you this was on Friday. Had Kiddo for the weekend so there was an even better idea in the offing: video time. (This because Kiddo’s doing video at school and she’s getting good at it, ought to be a great time to get some practice in and see what we could make. So The plan was Saturday ring Bruce and meet him at the flying site. In the meantime what really happened is Kiddo and I got to the site and flew and filmed and had a great time, but time constraints put us off the field before #1 arrived. Yep, you guessed it, as we were leaving, #1 comes flying in. So we followed him. Knowing he was coming from another site we went back to his launch just as he headed off from it to do a little cross country. Half hour later, he was back though and kiddo shot some footage of his antics. He landed and we talked a bit and as the day was getting late, made plans for the following day. Sunday we met at the same launch and spent near five hours on site and in the air. I had the chance to do some close quarter flying (well closer than I’ve flown with anyone before) and had a great time. But the real tickle of the day was the last flight was a bit of a cross country. Suffice to say that two rivers and a sound later I was flying over some of the prettiest landscape I’ve seen in a long time. Best was the fact that I had another pilot along who knew the ins and outs of what we were doing. And if I went down, I had someone who would go back and pass along the tale. Help would be along were it needed. Knowing that made the whole thing far more enjoyable than stressful. Alone I might not have done this flight for another year, with Bruce Erion, it was a done deal. Can’t say I ever went low, but Bruce was having a ball. I shot video (is it ever nice) and saved the moment for posterior, posterity? A first for me, and I liked it. Saturday’s video from Kiddo, we made into a short. Won’t be putting it on the web or blog, but my Company’s HR department is going to run it before some Employee Meetings in Ventura California (With some of my other videos, I think). Excerpts might be seen here later. Time will tell.

So I’m on a natural high, life is good, oh… and it’s Thanksgiving in two days (tomorrow). I know I’m grateful for my blessings. I hope you are too. Ya'll have a good holiday.


At 11:03 PM, Blogger Wayne said...

Very fun looking hobby you have there and great pics. I will definitely have my eyes open for you guys in the sky as it would not be the best thing for either us to meet in person (in the air). My main hobby right now is hiking, doing Ga and Tn higest peaks in the next couple of weeks. Would love to get into base jumping but would assume the command would not be understanding in my doing so, neither would my real boss, the missus. Flying helicopters, riding motorcycles, climbing mountains, and base jumping...nope she would buy off on that one me thinks.
Thanks for the visit to Savannah Daydreamin'.
Merry Christmas


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