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Monday, July 03, 2006

Illegal Status Hinders Mexican Voting Bloc

Illegal Status Hinders Mexican Voting Bloc
"LOS ANGELES -- In a Mexican presidential election so close the winner won't be named for days, many expatriates did not vote for fear their illegal status in the U.S. would be exposed.
Thousands of Mexican expatriates streamed into border towns Sunday to vote in their homeland's elections and others were allowed to cast absentee ballots for the first time. But some were disenfranchised by their fear of crossing the border as undocumented residents.
"Why couldn't they have made it easier for us to vote here?" said Adriana Lopez, 27, a housewife and illegal immigrant in Orange County who wanted to but couldn't vote out of fear to cross the border. "The governments at home are always so corrupt.""


This one speaks volumes for itself gang.
Enough said.


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