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Monday, November 29, 2004

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Well I've been neglecting reading the blogs I've gotten used to reading but this morning I caught up a bit and found a real treasure. Clara sent me to hear William Shatner sing Rocketman. That in itself was nothing new, I knew the Captain had a history of bad music, but it was worse than I remembered to be sure. First I rolled into Webjunkie. Among the good things mentioned there I followed the links to Miserable Melodies. Oh my God, what a treasure trove of some of the most horrible songs you never wanted to hear butchered.
I can't decide if it's bad songs gone worse, or good songs gone bad to worse to "please shoot me for even telling you about this". But there are some real listening moments there. Hate classical music? Well there are some tracks in there that will assure that classical is never heard again in your home, if you're suddenly taken with the spirt and agree with the spouse that "hey, classical does sound kinda neat..." try this ploy with a straight face though, I warn 'ya.
I must have downloaded two dozen different tunes. Christmas songs, Old favorites like "Love, Love Me Do" of course as a Gregorian Chant, or "I Gave The Cat Some Acid" by Happy Flowers. And I even followed through to William Shatner and found his "RocketMan" actually bearable as it must have been done 40 years ago while he still was Kirk. Go take a listen you might just find the looking and listening to have been worth the time. And for the start, Thanks Clara.
-Robert "I have no ear for music no more" D.


At 9:50 AM, Blogger clara* said...

your welcome!!

At 9:50 AM, Blogger clara* said...

you're welcome!!

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