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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Blogshares Industries Suggestions

Recently a contest has been offered on Blogshares asking that submissions be made suggesting new industries for the game.

In that light I would like to suggest five new industries to be added as subindustries to Extreme Sports which itself is a subindustry of Sports.
Those new categories (in order of importance to myself, of course being so modest as to suggest my blog itself needs one of the new industries) would be:

Powered Paragliding



Base Jumping

Hang Gliding

As an example to the readership, ValkingVideo3 currently shows powered paragliders in action while more example can also be seen at Fly-by Ranch which is a wonderful school in Florida of which I am alumni.

An example of Base Jumping can be seen on ValkingVideo2 where all variety of thrill seeker sought the excitement of Bridge Day. There were even older parachutes styles and paragliders in attendance, talk about high anxiety!

Paragliding is simply the removal of the motor and the very inspired use of natural wind currents to maintain flight.

But this might be getting the cart before the horse.

The order of things timewise, paragliding came first as alpine climbers sought a better way to end the climb of a high mountain.
Originally using hang gliders for this they found the effort to carry a glider to the summit more of a stunt or novelty and experimented with parachutes and steerable parachutes of the day enjoying the greater ease of carrying a bag of nylon or silk instead of the larger assembly of a hang glider which included long poles and required a larger party to carry. Thus still impractical as several had to make the effort of easing the return of one. The use of parachutes might actually have spawned base jumping as the heights often included cliff faces and non gradual decents. This of course is only conjecture on the authors part, however and not at this point researched to proof. What is known though is that the evolution of the wing, the parachute as such, became refined to a point that one person could carry the equipment needed alone. All one had to do was climb to an appropriate
summit, and by deploying the advanced design which became paragliders, actually run off the launch inflating the wing overhead first and glide in a short time down heights which took all day to climb. The sport of mountain climbing thus created the sport of paragliding. In time Paragliders became effiectient to a very high degree, glide ratios made longer and longer flights possible. Now pilots could extend times and distances by the use of thermal currents, soaring just as birds of prey did.

But what of the places of the world without mountains? Happily some inventive souls began experimenting with the use of motorized backpacks and eventually powered paragliding became a viable option to the average person. Even today the sport of powered paragliding grows with hundreds of new pilots each year safely entering the sport hobby.

At the same time I would also like to suggest an industry Artefact for extreme sports, the "Golden Parachute" thus answering the question "What color is your parachute?" and in the same moment alluding to the book of the same name that brought to mind the idea to plan for your future and job security.

In the case of extreme sports, the future isn't always what it's cracked up to be, and as I say on the top of my blog, "Because there is more to life than just work..."

Blogsharers agree, new industies are needed and appreciated.

Powered Paragliding
Base Jumping
Hang Gliding
Golden Parachute

Thanks for looking.
-Robert D.


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