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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Yahoo People, not just eBay...

This one's sort of obvious, but I'm going to put it in writing anyway.
When you see something one the web, research it. Look around and find out what it is, get other peoples opinions. Don't rush it. You might find your impatience has trapped you.
Try Yahoo, they have a group for practically everything, if not them, MSN. If you don't get help from Yahoo or at MSN, get help somewhere... Don't panic.
Know what you're getting into so it doesn't cost you because you jumped into a deal.
Better to pay what looks like more from a good source than to just buy a deal that might have been the first one you ever saw and it looked so much like eye candy that you just couldn't say no from someone that's an unknown element. Try saying "maybe" or "wait a sec" if it can't wait, take a pass. There is a pressure to buy right away for a reason, it's the impulse buyer.
Relax, don't do it. When you want to get to it...
Take your time and spend a dime, you're only saving yourself. Aren't you worth it?
So let it be written, so let it be done.


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