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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Well, it's been a week...

And I'm finding this Blog thing to be fun and informative.
I'm reading blogs all over the place and have realized it's a nice way to get into some peoples minds. My best friend for example. I can now read alot of the things he's sharing with the e-world and get to hear his thoughts on alot of things and see viacariously his perspective on any topic he cares to share. I figure he can do the same with mine. For all I know he's the only person that even knows it's out Kinda nice as we're too out of touch with each other for one reason or another and I know both of us wish we weren't. But that's fixable I'm sure.

So my weekend was a wash, well sort of. No flying, just bowling. But bowling I did pretty well.
Last night one league, tonight another. Last night was the best, I bowled the highest game I have ever to date, a 186, and we took 4 of four games. It's a fair sized league but only 2 person teams. My wife Moni is my teammate. She wasn't bowling up to her standard and I for another first carried her for the night. We were up against a much better team, higher averages, but the handicaps stacked the deck against them. They had to bowl awesome games and didn't. Long story short they were below their averages, we were above and thus with lower actual scores we beat the dogshit out of them. They were nice about it and all though. At first they were a little condecending, but when we took the first game, and then the second they got real positive, kinda like "We're going to lose to these two, we better make nice so we don't look like major assholes and they really rub our faces in it..." And the thing was they really were very good bowlers and nice people too, they just came into it expecting to whip our asses. Normally with my bowling, that would have been short work, but I'm getting better. We went into the evening #6 of 22 teams. I figure we went up winning all 4 but you never know, other teams might have done as well also. We're aiming for the top 50% of the league, so we just have to hold position or not lose too much. Top half of the league goes to Columbia S.C. at the end of the league for playoffs and real money can be had even for lousy placement there. Same league last season, 17th place brought home $500 but I don't know 17th out of what... probably like

Monday looms but there's a silver lining. The Bruce is on Tybee and I'm going to try and hook up and hook in Monday and/or Tuesday evenings for some flying. The Bruce is Bruce Erion (, a rotorhead with LifeFlight in Atlanta that's one hell of a pilot and sometimes does Spider-Man impersonations. He's also the guy that got me into this a year ago by buzzing me as I flew stunt kites on a nice windy Tybee summer day. I hunted him down on day two and he pointed me in the right direction after putting on a demo flight for my amusement. It was awe inspiring and I was sold immediately. The rest is, shall we say, history. His kung-fu will always be better than mine, for he is the master. If I ever get to 33% of what he is in PPG I'll be very happy indeed.
Hero worship to end here for now. Okay, one last comment: I've seen this guy do some amazing shit, perhaps survive some amazing shit would be a better term, and get up to do it again. He's a man's man and I hope when I'm in my fifties I can do half what he does now. Perhaps if I started lifting weights and eating better... well we know that won't happen, maybe I can aim for 25%...

Well if I'm working tommorrow I better see about turning in. Goodness knows I'll need at least my usual 4.5 hrs sleep. More soon.


At 10:41 AM, Blogger Macbeau said...

I have put your link on my blog and given credit where due (souls on E-Bay). Given enough time, and interesting content, more people will stumble on your blog. It took me about 2 months, but I now have about 6 regular readers, that I know of. I asked BlackFive about getting started in blogging and he said that it took him about 6 months of aggressively pushing his blog to get to 1500 readers a day. Me; I am not really looking for fame or profit from my blog. I use it to vent / rant and add organization to my thoughts for my friends (like you) and anyone else who's interested. I think I write better than I speak.

Adding links (to other blog, media sources and interesting articles) to your blog will help with exposure.


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