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Monday, July 26, 2004

A Weekend Diversion... A first blog.

So yesterday I did it.
I've done it before, but it was just like the first time. Exciting.
There were some folks who saw me, and for the most part I think they liked what they saw. Well I know they did. When I was done, I had a few come up and ask me about it.
One fellow said it looked like a lot of fun. I assured him it was.
Of course it's not the easiest thing to do in the world, but it isn't the hardest either. And the view, inspiring. Just letting it all hang out...
For most it's just the idea of leaving it all behind and looking ahead to the skies.
And being sure they aren't scared of heights.

What I did is I went flying my Powered Paraglider. And it was a blast.
What is it you ask? It's a flying contraption that looks like a person hanging under a parachute (although the chute looks different) with a motorized backpack on. And it's freedom baby! Start on the ground and go up, not start in an airplane and jump out like a parachutist. Take off and fly slow and soft. Go where you want to go (within reason and the law) and fly for the fun of it. It can be docile and butterfly like or you can yank & crank getting a pretty wild ride. (Not recommended for the newer pilot.) Either way, you're flying.

Even better, it's affordable. In most cases, for less than the cost of a mid-range import motorcycle you can fly. It's only lightly regulated. No license is required.  No physicals or permits. There are schools where you can learn from top notch instructors. I started last year at a wonderful facility called Fly-by Ranch near Ocala Florida.  School was included free because I bought my equipment new from them. )

So my weekend was good. I went and spent a few hours getting to do my thing. (Not to be confused with my VW THING.)  I had a ball and when I was done I brought all my gear home.  They're portable like that, you don't have to leave 'em at an airport in a hangar... (read that, NO hangar fees...)

Now there's one thing you have to do.  If you think this sounds neat, look into it, research it.  Read up on it, look at videos on it, surf the web on it. But DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT buy any new equipment to do this on E-Bay. I have to tell you that there's a person or two that sells new equipment on E-Bay and it's a crock. They seem to make a living online with a one room store front and they will sell you the wrong gear that isn't really that good and when you figure all that out they will stiff you on trying to make it right. And they do it by cheating one person at a time.

So enough preaching, thanks for reading a little about one of my favorite activities.
More to follow.



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